12 October, 2008

That's so people-who-don't-have-a pen-or-paper-and-never-study-but-call-themselves-students!


So, I was watching The View on the Velvet Channel (Philippine TV), pitying Elisabeth Hasselbeck and applauding Whoopi Goldberg, and after a somewhat (not really) interesting debate about US presidential candidates and their past, they show a commercial about the derogatory remark: "That's so gay."

I was a little struck dumb because just a few days ago, I was so annoyed at my two guy acquaintances because they were saying stupid "macho" stuff and kept saying "You're so gay" to each other after every little thing. They used this phrase in a sarcastic and teasing way that made me uncomfortable. I'm barely friends with these guys, and I'm sure they don't know or care about what they're saying, but after they talked and joked around about gay men, gay women, suspected gay acquaintances, and disowning gay children, I was really, really, annoyed. I barely said much after that, and just quietly listened to tales of their boyhood and their guy friends whom they saw naked (really, I don't know why they loved talking about that...hm).

Obviously, I'm not sick with homophobia (pun well-meant, and shout out to Ellen D!). I believe in the saying, "live and let live, love and let love," and it actually makes me sad that some of my nearest and dearest are so intent in their "normality," that they are unwilling to tolerate people who are different. I even know people who call themselves friends with a gay person, and ask for free treats, free rides, etc. But are completely disgusted by their gay friend's lifestyle and say so behind their backs.

Having ranted about that, I think it's great that the US media is promoting this kind of commercial, and it's even greater that celebrities are joining to help.

Hilary Duff's "That's So Gay" Commercial.

Wanda Sykes' "That's So Gay" Commercial. (This one is funny.)

The question I have is: Will my home, the Philippines, ever follow in the footsteps of the country they're so in love with?

For some of my friends' sakes, I hope so.

By the way, if you're also non-homophobic, as I hope my readers are, click on this link: Thinkb4youspeak.

(Warning: Rant about boys will ensue in...)










What is their deal? I mean, really. In all my 19 years of life, I swear it's the boys who always start the drama. Most of the time their pride gets in the way of their thinking, the rest of the time they think with their private parts, if they're the kind who ever think at all. I can count the number of genuinely good and wise men I know in one hand, excluding family, because I kinda have to love them by default.

Okay, I get that girls mature faster than boys, but come on!

(End Rant. Dixi.)


Ken said...

Nice post Jess. I absolutely agree on your view. But I think it's a little bit sexist. Haha. :) Anyways, you're awesome.

Jizzka said...

Yeah, I was ranting about teenage boys, but I'm sure my annoyance will pass...once they grow up! Haha, just so you know, you're one of the few good men I mentioned, haha, love ya darlin! =)