28 August, 2008

"Enchanted" Film Review


Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun watching this.

Enchanted is a film that combines fairy tales and contemporary romantic comedy in a way that people of all ages may appreciate. By the end of this movie, your cheeks will probably hurt because you’ve been smiling non-stop. Still, minor injuries not withstanding, Enchanted is an avant garde spoof of classic Disney style stories.

Amy Adams will steal your heart every time she opens her mouth or elegantly flaps her hands, which is practically all throughout the film. Patrick Dempsey is the befuddled cynic that many McDreamy fans will swoon for. James Marsden plays the prince who is so earnestly arrogant that you cannot help but find him to be charming. I give extra kudos to Marsden for his surprisingly excellent singing skills. Susan Sarandon gives a bewitching performance as the main villain.

There are no complex plot twists, or headache inducing conflicts, Enchanted is all about spontaneous, cute lovey-doveyness. What I heart so much about this Disney tale is that it was the princess who saved the “prince” from the scary dragon-witch. Even though your tooth may ache from the continuous sweetness, Enchanted is a happy-fluffy film that can make even the most depressed cynics smile any day.