25 July, 2009

The July Trail

I've got fewer movie trailers for you guys than usual, but that's okay, because they're all unique and interesting. A different flavor of popcorn fodder. A little hint of their theme though, it's called girl power.

Whip It!
Directed by Drew Barrymore. That phrase alone is enough to capture my interest, but when you add roller derby to the mix, I just can't stay away. We don't even have to mention the awesome female cast of Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis, Marcia Gay Harden, and Eve, but we will because it's too mind freakishly awesome not to mention. Hello Babe Ruthless.
Release: October 9, 2009

Jennifer's Body
I never really liked Megan Fox before, but after seeing some of her interviews, I think I'm beginning to get her sarcastic and inappropriate humor. Of course, I can't say that it's a good thing for my well being, but at least I can watch her now without any violent reactions. And this movie just makes me tolerate her more. I mean you've gotta give Megan Fox a little props for being in a quirky, disturbingly witty, horror film written by Diablo Cody.
Release: September 18, 2009

Alice In Wonderland
A kaleidoscope of fantastical, epic proportions. It's Alice in a Tim Burton-ized world. And did you see Helena Bonham Carter's head? This is sooo watch worthy.
Release: March 5, 2010


And remember folks, don't judge a movie by its trailer!

22 July, 2009

Dollhouse: Epitaph Epicness

Okay, first of all, I just want to say that those Fox execs are complete doucheheads. Why in the world would they keep the best episode of the season from airing? Epitaph One was pretty ubersupercalifuckingfragilisticexpialidociously amazing. It’s the best TV episode not ever shown on TV. After watching Epitaph One’s dystopian mind freak, I got a huge headache just contemplating a future like that. It was epic.

While I was watching the episode, I was praying to Joss and co to not break my heart. But he did anyway, cause he’s a genius like that.

(Slight Spoilers)

The best part about Epitaph One was how all the actors brought their A game. I fell in geeky love with Fran Kranz as Topher Brink. I detested his annoying character when he had smugness overload, but seeing him driven to despair and insanity made me want to hug him and pat his head. Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt was also outstanding. Someone finally gave Ms. Do-it a gun, and she became even more badass, which I thought was already impossible. And Amy Acker, as Dr. Claire Saunders/Whiskey, was simply ethereal. Even the guest stars gripped your heart until it bled. Felicia Day was a win. I also sighed in fan girly relief every time Eliza Dushku walked on screen. Sometimes I even sighed in relief when she wasn’t on screen, because somehow Caroline was. Speaking of, the 10 year old girl whose name I do not know, was awesome.

(End of Slight Spoilers)

(Herry J. Lennix, Fran Kranz, and Eliza Dushku)

Seriously, people have to watch Dollhouse. If only to help them get their heads out of their asses and make them actually think about the essence of humanity, what an identity consists of, what it means to lose that, what it means to SELL that, and what it means to have to tattoo your own freakin name on your body to make sure that you still know who you are.

I can’t wait for Dollhouse's season 2.