23 September, 2008

"Wall-E" Film Review

I've been waiting to see this film for ages. Wall-E is officially my favorite CGI animated film. Of all time.

Wall-E is a 2008 computer animated film from Walt Disney Pictures, produced by Pixar Animation Studios, and directed by Andrew Stanton.

For a full film synopsis, go to wikipedia.

Wall-E is an animated film that definitely takes the CGI potential to the next level. The whole film is a visual eye candy; the graphics are simply breathtaking. Furthermore, Wall-E's movements and robotic motion are so perfectly synced and meticulously planned that you can't help but be in awe of the creators of this visual masterpiece. Wall-E's graphics are that of Final Fantasy: Advent Children level, possibly even higher. And that's saying a lot.

And the story is just as beautiful as its graphics. There are barely any actual words from the main characters, Wall-E and Eve, but as they say, actions speak louder than words. The main dialogue comes from the humans who react to Wall-E, and we get a glimpse of a world that has lost the basic human wonders by their own creations. In the midst of the political, economical, and environmental insinuations and allegories, Wall-E is first and foremost, a love story. Wall-E, the sympathetic small robot who lives for trash, unwittingly brings the human civilization back to its roots, because it fell in love with Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator). I can’t stress enough just how cute Wall-E is, so I won’t even try. But some are complaining that the decidedly mature, political message of Wall-E is not fit for an animated film intended for children.

I say cow manure.

What would they prefer? A clueless sponge’s meaningless escapades with a cynical squid and a retarded starfish?

Propaganda's and “evils of mankind” aside, Wall-E’s underlining theme of hope and human resilience makes it, in my opinion, a lovelier and more endearing story than the self-deprecating and (admittedly funny) sarcastic humor of other animated films, like Shrek.

Overall, Wall-E is an epic, heartwarming, love story, with spectacular visuals, astounding sound effects, and an amazing message for those who would care to look for it.

I’m definitely buying its DVD coming out this November. It would be wrong not to!


Here’s to hoping Wall-E wins an Oscar.


Nikki said...

I adore the fact that there are so many hints of Apple in the movie! I mean, Wall-e's start up sound? When my cousins and I watched the movie, we were practically the only ones laughing when he woke up and the Mac start-up sound came out!

Yes, the graphics are gooooood! The storyline made my cousin cry! haha.. I adore the movie..!

Jizzka said...

Lol. So do I, I absolutely love this movie! I'm getting the dvd asap.

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