28 September, 2008

Goku is American

An American live-action Dragonball film will be coming out next year on April 3, 2009. The Dragonball film is directed by James Wong and produced by Stephen Chow. And stars Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum, Eriko Tamura, Joon Park, Chow Yun-Fat, Texas Battle, and Ernie Hudson.

I'm not sure whose idea it was to make an American live-action Dragonball movie, but whoever it is, they should be shot with an extra powerful kamehameha.

I watched the Dragonball anime when I was younger, I barely understood the story, but I had fun watching the crazy hairs, the bulging muscles, the weird villains, and the comic reliefs. I think that Dragonball is one of the most famous animes around. To turn a popular anime icon into something it's not is risky and somewhat distasteful. I don't understand why an American is portraying a Japanese anime hero, but I hope Justin Chatwin won't dissappoint us too much.

Having said all that, I'm still definitely going to watch this Dragonball movie. Why? Because of curiosity and the entertainment. Just the crazy hair will be worth watching.


Kimm said...

I know this guy! He's the son of Tom Cruise in War Of The Worlds. I'm pretty curious about this film. Hmm.. Lemme see. Haha. Tnx for the news Jess!

network marketing company said...

well the first dragonball film was not so good.