29 November, 2008

More Wolverine!

Good news X-Men fans, it seems that our favorite mutant badass' solo movie is coming really soon. Hunky Australian Hugh Jackman is back to star as Wolverine. The film will tell us more about Wolverine's background, his romantic past, his relationship with Victor Creed, and will shed some light about what Weapon X really is. The film also stars Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynold, Will. I. Am., Dominic Monaghan, and others. I'm not certain whether the title is "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", or simply "Wolverine". If it was the former, then we should probably expect solo films for all of our favorite mutants.

Meanwhile, with images like this...

I am definitely intrigued.

The film's trailer will be premiering in theaters showing The Day the Earth Stood Still. I guess that's another good reason to see Keanu Reeve's sci-fi thriller, right?

Wolverine is set to be released on May 1, 2009.

18 November, 2008

The November Trail

Another movie trailers post, enjoy!

Star Trek
Wasn't really a fan and didn't know much about it, and I won't deny that Chris Pine is currently the best incentive for watching this. But the trailer makes me want to watch it even more now.
Opens May 8, 2009.

The Spirit
Another film by Frank Miller (300, Sin City). Really, do I need to say more?
Opens Christmas 2008.

A disaster drama. Those are always fun. It stars John Cusack. He's...okay? Can't wait to see more of this.
Opens July 10, 2009.

Race to Witch Mountain
Apparently this is based on a series. It seems like a different kind of Disney Film, I'm kinda intrigued. Superpowers are always a win. Plus, it has The Rock!
Opens March 13, 2009.


Okay, first of all, NOT a movie, but definitely one of the most watch worthy things coming out next year. This is a Joss Whedon creation my friends. And it also helps that the gorgeous Eliza Dushku and hunky Tahmoh Penikett is in it.
Coming this January 2009
DOLLHOUSE focuses on a secret organization that employs "Actives" -- a group of operatives who have their memories and personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with new ones, allowing them to take on various missions for hire

And remember folks, don't judge a movie by its trailer!

Gossip Girl Episode Recap S2Ep9: There Might Be Blood

Gossip Girl Episode Recap
I kind of find Serena boring when she's not fighting either Blair or her mom. And, she needs to find some better boyfriends.

(Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. And even more spoilers. You are duly warned.)

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 9 Recap
There Might Be Blood

After proving herself to be a capable delinquent, Little J, with the help of insane but fun model Agnes, is busy making her big fashion debut by how else? Planning to crash a high class party of course.

Meanwhile, our favorite besties are busy trying to get Blair back into the good graces of the Yale dean by befriending the dean’s best friend’s daughter, Emma. Only problem is, Emma doesn’t want to stay cooped up in their luxury condo watching movies with talking animals, instead, she wants to go out with the “De-virginator.”

They actually used that name on television. I kid you not.

By the way, Leighton Meester’s hilarious performance in this whole episode is awe, and then some.

While Blair is busy trying to reign in the desperately precocious Emma, Serena is busy trying to figure out what’s up with Aaron and his many “friends” of the girl kind.

Over onto the Humphrey house, Dan unexpectedly comes home and sees Jenny, Agnes, and their whole big plan. Dan finds out that Jenny quit Eleanor’s, and is not amused after all the pestering she did in order to work for her in the first place.

Speaking of not amused, Blair is desperate to stop Emma from being de-virginized, so she sends Emma to Chuck Bass in the hopes of intimidating Emma. However, the plan backfires, Emma escapes, and Blair, Serena, and Chuck have to go out to look for her in a crowded hot spot. Once there, they unexpectedly find Emma’s mom, Elizabeth aka the old lady who’s clearly not very fond of Blair, having a heated little session with someone who is not her husband. After a few cellphone photos, Blair is happy and relieved that she finally has some insurance for her application to Yale. But Serena, being the upstanding moral character that she is, forbids Blair from ruining Emma’s dysfunctional family. Blair hilariously reluctantly agrees and sets off to find Emma with Chuck.

Serena heads off to her mom’s big party and finds chaos. Undeniably fashionable chaos. Jenny crashes a huge party not knowing that the party was actually all for Lily Van der Woodsen. With a few words, and a lot more kisses from Nate, Jenny finds the courage to go through with her big plan.

Agnes and a handful of models all rebelliously stomp across the large ball and jump up on tables, throw Polaroids, and wreak stylish havoc amongst the elite and prestigious.

Agnes is also awesome in an insane kinda way.

However, Dan, Rufus, and Vanessa eventually rain in on Jenny’s fashion parade, and Dan confronts Nate for kissing his way too young sister. How did Dan find out about the kissing? Gossip Girl of course! Vanessa overhears Dan and Jenny’s confrontation, becomes upset and leaves. I actually kinda forgot about the Nate/Vanessa pair up until Vanessa left.

I was all, whoah, what’s her problem? Then, Oh right, she and Nate had a “thing.”

Geez, Gossip Girl land, make up your mind!

Jenny storms out to run after Vanessa but gets confronted by her dad. Even though people loved what Jenny did, Rufus so did not. And he almost gets his own daughter arrested if it weren’t for Lily.

Back to Blair and Chuck, they finally find Emma and stop her from being devirginized. Blair takes her home and gives her a good ole talking to where they bond about being unappreciated by their self-absorbed mothers. Blair also admits to Emma that the she actually loved the guy who devirginized her (last time I use that word, I promise!).

Elizabeth isn’t happy that her daughter came home so late and promptly blames Blair. Queen B was just about to propose a mutual understanding (i.e. blackmail) when Emma unexpectedly steps in to defend Blair. After seeing Emma promptly and harshly dismissed by her mother, Blair decides to have a conscience and doesn’t follow through with the blackmail.

The next day, the dean calls Blair at Serena’s home and tells her that the one person Emma would want to have dinner with is Blair Waldorf. And that Yale could use a girl like her. Needless to say, Queen B was ecstatic.

Oh, and Aaron comes over and asks Serena to give him a chance because of fate, and camping, and 9 year old licorice, etc. Wasn’t really interested in any part that he’s in. And, this Aaron guy really needs a hygienist, I mean, he kept a 9 year old piece of candy, and he looks like he doesn’t shower, ever.

More episode recaps and spoilers coming soon from your non-Gossip Girl, gossip girl.

08 November, 2008

"Quantum of Solace" Film Review

The theater was packed, and we had to watch this movie sitting on the second row from the front. Consequently, I had a massive headache after 2 hours of closely staring at frenetic action scenes. But was it all worth it?

Simply. Yes.

Quantum of Solace
is the 22nd Bond film and also the first direct sequel to its predecessor, which is Casino Royale. The movie is directed by Marc Foster in 2008. It stars Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Olga Kurylenko, Gemma Arteron, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Gianinni, and Mathieu Amalric.

(There may be slight spoilers. For a full film synopsis, go to the Quantum of Solace page at Wikipedia.)

First and foremost, the previous Bond films were humorous and bordering on sci-fi comedy. Daniel Craig’s James Bond is definitely gritty and more realistic. More human. He’s a secret agent folks, he’s supposed to be harsh, brutal, and violent. In Quantum of Solace, things are even more brutal, both physically and emotionally. Honestly, I don’t think that Quantum of Solace is better than Casino Royale. Casino Royale was a love story that introduced James Bond’s humanity to the audience. Quantum of Solace depicts Bond’s quest for revenge to those responsible for Vesper’s betrayal and death.

Daniel Craig owns this film. He carries the whole story with every bit of his sexy-cool stoicism intact, with just enough of some handsome sadness in his eyes to remind us that he is not a robot, despite physically impossible occurrences, such as walking away without any broken bones after free-falling from an airplane. But shoving all that in the part of our minds called suspension of disbelief, the action scenes and chases are definitely heart pound worthy. Action fans, even if they’re not James Bond fans (if there are such cases), would be very happy with this flick. I also appreciated the fact that the Bond girls, Camille (Olga Kurylenko) in particular, weren’t completely helpless ingénues. It seems that Bond girls keep progressing into stronger fighters in every Bond film. Also love the complicated relationship between M and Bond.

(Talking about M)
Camille: Your mother?
James: No, but she likes to think she is.
I think that dialogue pretty much sums them up.

I wasn’t impressed with the villain, Dominic Greene. Mathieu Amalric, the actor, was great, but I wasn’t all that worried by him, which could be a worrying thing for a villain. Through the Bond villain history, we’ve seen a martial artist with a different face, a creepy guy who can’t feel pain, a sweaty dude who bleeds from his eye, and some other whoah-worthy bad guys. But what does Greene do? He turns into Maria Sharapova while wielding an axe.

As for that oh-so important theme song opening that everyone is harping about. Well, the dancing women are back, if that matters at all. Although, I am quite disappointed that James Bond didn’t do that "about face and shoot at the camera" thing that he does in every film. But, there is a particular scene in the film that consistent 007 fans would notice, it involves replacing gold with motor oil on a body. That’s all I’ll say.

Ultimately, Quantum of Solace is a gritty action film, that takes another step away from the stereotypical 007 film. Although we don’t get to see invisible cars, laser watches, or machines that harness the sun’s power to reign terror over the world, this 007 movie contains every bit of what was missing in the previous films: James Bond’s character. Camille's character is particularly important, her back story and parallel reflection with James makes their relationship much more meaningful than just another casual Bond fling. It’s easy to throw exotic places, beautiful women, awesome gadgets, wicked villains, and a hunky British secret agent together, but it’s harder to make the story in the film actually matter. So kudos to Quantum of Solace, with some extra praise for Daniel Craig.

Other than that, Quantum of Solace holds 2nd place in my list of favorite 007 movies, 1st place still remains with Casino Royale. I hope the third Craig/Bond movie can do even bigger and better.

05 November, 2008

Gossip Girl Episode Recap S2Ep8: Pret A Poor Jenny

Gossip Girl Episode Recap
Trouble is brewin for the youngest Humphrey. Hm.

(Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. And even more spoilers. You are duly warned.)

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Recap
Pret A Poor Jenny

Welcome back Gossip Girl fans, time for another post filled with GG spoilers and recaps. It seems that Blair is having another of her scintillating dreams, this time it involves Chuck and a limo. And Dorota does not approve. That’s all I’ll say. Walking in the rain seems to be a lovelier option for Blair rather than bestow those elusive three words upon Chuck.

Over at the Humphrey home, Jenny is a bitchy busy little beaver, complete with the edgy new haircut. But despite all her hard work, and battles with Italy, Eleanor doesn’t seem to know how to appreciate her. Nor care to.
(Agnes. Jenny's new friend.)

At school, Dan and Serena are almost becoming friends again, but Blair shoves right in between them, literally, to ask for help regarding the annihilation of Bass-tard we all know she hates to secretly love. As Dan was about to leave, Serena thought that he would be a great help, because he has a man’s perspective. Which, surprisingly, is a somewhat good idea. After the quick bout of annoying prerequisite judgmental-ness that only Dan Humphrey is capable of, he tells Blair to basically play hard to get in Chuck’s face. Which results with Blair trying, and failing, to innocently seduce Chuck repeatedly. Of course Dan is always there to give out more advice.

Meanwhile, Eleanor calls Little J over to semi-apologize for not letting her meet some buyers. Eleanor is having a little trouble keeping her buyers happy with her designs, but Jenny seems to be doing a good job of it without even knowing. Buyers are coming again the next day, and the only perfectly acceptable dress that Eleanor has is not really hers. So, faced with a temperamental fashion mogul boss, young Jenny kindly offers Eleanor her dress. Eleanor rewards Jenny by making her remake the whole dress in her fabric.

Over at Vanessa’s gallery, Serena meets Aaron, and it seems that there is a little “somethin something” brewing between them. Now that Dan and Serena are friends, maybe Serena’s found a new someone? Gotta say, not that impressed with the guy’s “I’m an artist so I don’t have to shower” look.

Jenny finds the fun while hanging out at a bar with Agnes, one of Eleanor’s models. Agnes tries on Jenny’s precious dress and accidentally leaves with it. The next day, a harried Jenny lets Agnes talk her into rebelling against the big bad Eleanor. And after Eleanor fails to give Jenny the recognition that she deserves, Jenny snaps and leaves. Was kinda peeved by Jenny’s arrogance, but everything she said was true.

Eleanor: (complaining over Jenny’s sloppy work) “I should have known better than to give so much responsibility to a child.”
Jenny: “A child. I’m sorry, but this child seems to be the only one that can design anything that the buyers are remotely interested in.”

Meanwhile, Blair and Dan bond over loving someone. And surprisingly, Dan actually makes some good points. Serena and the new guy Aaron bond over art and dating. Why does Serena always fall for weird, stuttery geeks? Blair finally heads off to confess her love to Chuck, however, Dan talks to her and takes back all the good points that he previously said. Psh.

Thanks to Dan, Blair heads off to Chuck with a defensive heart and doesn’t take the risk she was supposed to. Serena finds out about Dan’s intent to let the Blair/Chuck couple self-destruct and understandably gets upset that her new friend hurt her best friend.

Over at Agnes’ place, Jenny is having a little too much fun posing around with sleazy photographer Max. Nate, after finding out about Max through Aaron, comes in to rescue her, but Little J doesn’t want to be rescued.

Meanwhile Dan runs off after Serena to ask for forgiveness, and Serena forgives him by telling him that she’s thinking about dating Aaron. Aaron who she realized was a European camp buddy. Seeing that Aaron is on a motorcycle with another girl, I guess that plan to date came to an abrupt halt.
After a brief talk with Dan, Chuck goes over to Blair to finally talk. Ultimately, they both agree that those elusive three words will always be true even though they were never said. They also agree that waiting heightens the pleasure. Right.

Angry at Nate for ruining her night of free rebellion and shirtless modeling, Jenny screams at him and asks why he cares so much. Nate’s eloquent answer? A kiss. A heated kiss.

Uh oh.

More episode recaps and spoilers coming soon from your non-gossip girl, gossip girl.

01 November, 2008

"Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog" Film Review

Dr. Horrible is Incredible

I finally, finally, watched Dr. Horrible. Of course, most Joss Whedon fans would have already watched this movie about a million times now, but I, as the utter idiot that I am, failed to watch Dr. Horrible during its free viewing in July. Thankfully, a kind, lovely, super awesome, (I am forever grateful to) friend gave me a copy.

Dr. Horrible is a 2008 short musical movie that was created by Joss Whedon, with his siblings Jed and Zack Whedon, and Maurissa Tancharoen. It stars Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, Nathan Filion, and Simon Helberg, with several cameos from directors and actors close to Joss Whedon.

As usual, Whedon manages to capture the audience's hearts and makes them fall in love with the characters. And of course, as usual, Whedon breaks our hearts at the exact same time. The music is brilliant. Felicia Day's sweet and heart rendering vocals coupled with Neil Patrick Harris' honest and vulnerable voice is amazing. I can't stop listening to "On The Rise."

Dr. Horrible is a funny, not so straightforward musical, that can twist your insides in the end. Like most of any work Joss Whedon is involved in, this movie makes you laugh out loud and root for the "bad guy," it absolutely entertains you and makes you feel smart when you can relate the antics to societal/personal issues, then it quickly leaves you off with a large lump in your throat that you either swallow or burp out with a chuckle. However you take it though, Dr. Horrible will leave you feeling full, and yet definitely still craving for more.

Joss. Is. God.

And I want a PHD in horribleness.