31 May, 2009

"Terminator: Salvation" Film Review

Let me put it this way, when we were standing at the ticket booth deciding between Terminator: Salvation and Angels and Demons, I didn’t even hesitate.

Terminator Salvation is a sci-fi film directed by McG in 2009. It is the fourth installment in the Terminator movie series. The film stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Common, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Christian Bale always brings A-game acting, and his incarnation of John Connor is gritty and passionate. Everybody was pretty cool, but Sam Worthington deserves an extra kudos, even if his character was predictable. This new Terminator film finally showed the audience the future after the infamous Judgment day, and the apocalyptic scenery is certainly epic. It was fun to see all the action, I especially enjoyed the scenes where Marcus (Sam Worthington) and Blair (Moon Bloodgood, awesome name by the way) were trying to escape the headquarters, the cinematography was especially spectacular in that. Actually, any scene with Sam Worthington was a win for me, and it wasn’t just because he was pretty to look at. Promise. McG did manage to make me dizzy with the camera in the beginning though, but I guess most ex-music video directors can be a little camera obsessed. Story-wise, you don’t necessarily need to watch the previous Terminator films to watch Salvation, you just need to watch those for the sake of enjoying them, because they’re awesome in themselves. I even enjoyed T3, somehow. The action was worth sitting through the cheesiness, but I'm really tired of the “a block of wires and metal can beat like a heart too” motto all the Terminator movies are fond of.

Terminator: Salvation is cool enough to waste time and money for, at least in my book, but I don’t think that it’s especially awesome.

And for all those who think that any Terminator franchise without the almighty Ahnold Sschwarzanubugger isn't authentic, well, you might be surprised.

Hasta la vista baby.

22 May, 2009

American Idol Ain't A Singing Contest

Kris Allen is nice. He's cute, in a puppy dog look kind of way, he's a pretty good singer, with that acoustic song-writer vibe, and he seems like a really good guy, even if that's the only thing most people can say about him. So it's pretty obvious that Kris Allen is nice, I'll even give him a very nice, but in no way is he even up to par with Adam Lambert's performance standard.

Even Kris Allen was flabbergasted by his own win, basically stating that "Adam deserves (to win)" after Ryan Seacrest announced the results.

For me, it's not a question of why Kris Allen won, but of why Adam Lambert lost. If American Idol was such a mega successful star finder, then why did the brightest star of all 8 seasons lose? No one can blame the judges, because they sure as hell did their fair share of flattery for Lambert.

People can blame all kinds of public issues for why Adam lost, and to be honest, it's all really moot anyhow. Even if he won, I doubt Adam Lambert would get any more attention than the massive outroar over his loss right now.

I guess there's one thing we've all learned for sure about all this: American Idol is shite.

16 May, 2009

American Idol 8 Should Be A No Brainer

Next week is the Season 8 finale, and I’m underwhelmed by the sing-off. Adam Lambert should have it in the bag, compared to his bona-fide rockstar performances, Kris Allen doesn’t even rate an opening act’s opening act. I emphasized should because Adam Lambert’s flamboyance (if you know what I mean) may keep him from getting the Idol title.

Adam Lambert

He is edgy, charming, and weird, but as Kara DioGuardi said, he makes us happy. Of course by us, I mean people who honestly appreciate the art of artists, no matter how unconventional. In short, I would lose mad, mad, mad respect for the American Idol audience if Kris Allen wins.

Kris Allen

He’s nice, no doubt about that, and talented of course, but his showmanship and creativity is, as we've seen, still no match for Adam Lambert’s.

Adam Lambert should win.

02 May, 2009

The Look On Simon Cowell's Face Says It All

It's official, Susan Boyle is an angel in disguise. I think, above anyone else's, her reaction to the judges' response was the most touching of all.

If you're in an inexplicably lousy mood, then this video is all you need to put an instant smile on your face and a flutter of warmth deep within your major aorta. I can't eloquently express how giddy and soft this vid made me, so watch it and feel or yourself.

Everyone has to watch it.

Click here and watch. Now.

It's not an ad, so don't fret your cynical little heart and just watch the vid.