02 May, 2009

The Look On Simon Cowell's Face Says It All

It's official, Susan Boyle is an angel in disguise. I think, above anyone else's, her reaction to the judges' response was the most touching of all.

If you're in an inexplicably lousy mood, then this video is all you need to put an instant smile on your face and a flutter of warmth deep within your major aorta. I can't eloquently express how giddy and soft this vid made me, so watch it and feel or yourself.

Everyone has to watch it.

Click here and watch. Now.

It's not an ad, so don't fret your cynical little heart and just watch the vid.


Ken said...

I can't believe you've just started your amazement on Susan Boyle. She's a goddess. I just love her. I'm pretty excited about her next performance on BGT. I bet it'll be an another ace.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing this! What a voice! Who would have thought...