16 May, 2009

American Idol 8 Should Be A No Brainer

Next week is the Season 8 finale, and I’m underwhelmed by the sing-off. Adam Lambert should have it in the bag, compared to his bona-fide rockstar performances, Kris Allen doesn’t even rate an opening act’s opening act. I emphasized should because Adam Lambert’s flamboyance (if you know what I mean) may keep him from getting the Idol title.

Adam Lambert

He is edgy, charming, and weird, but as Kara DioGuardi said, he makes us happy. Of course by us, I mean people who honestly appreciate the art of artists, no matter how unconventional. In short, I would lose mad, mad, mad respect for the American Idol audience if Kris Allen wins.

Kris Allen

He’s nice, no doubt about that, and talented of course, but his showmanship and creativity is, as we've seen, still no match for Adam Lambert’s.

Adam Lambert should win.


DrDeb said...

I absolutely agree that Adam should win -- go Adam! :-) Talented, humble, and FANTASTIC.

I also wanted to mention that Danny Gokey has started a foundation in his wife's name, and I think many kids will look to him as their American Idol: Sophia's Heart Foundation.

Hope to see Adam win!

Jizzka said...

Aw. Gokey is awesome, he should've have made it to the finals.

Ken said...

I'm absolutely gutted over Danny's elimination which made me think not to comment about the upcoming "head to head" battle (which I don't think Kris won't win).

As much as I hated Adam, I'm going to give him my bet because i think he's an unbelievable singer and no one can deny that.