19 January, 2009

"The House Bunny" Film Review

This movie was pure chick flick fun. No more, no less.

The House Bunny
is a romantic comedy directed by Fred Wolf in 2008. Co-produced by Adam Sandler, Anna Faris and others, and written by Legally Blonde writers, Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz. The film stars Anna Faris, Kat Dennings, Emma Stone, Rumer Willis, Katharine McPhee, and others.

I know that this is a typical comedy chick flick, complete with fashion montages, the make-over, boys who “like girls for who they are,” the heroine fighting with her frenemies, the heroine fighting with her friends, the heroine being friends with her friends again, really cheesy speeches in front of a bunch of uptight people, and those uptight people eventually being won over by the cheesy speech. Basically, just add Hugh Hefner and a sorority angle to the mix and you get the House Bunny. Still, having ranted about the predictability of this chick flick, I really actually enjoyed this film.

Anna Faris’ facial expressions are pure win. Her comedic timing, presence, and her courage and eagerness to let herself look and act absolutely stupid deserves much, much kudos. I first noticed Anna Faris in the movie “Just Friends” with Ryan Reynolds, and after seeing her in the “toothpaste scene,” and hearing her squeak out her Britney Spears-like voice had me belly laugh out loud. Now, every time I hear her exorcist-like expression in this film, I can’t help but chortle. Faris however, isn’t the only star in this movie, it also includes a surprisingly funny and charming band of misfits. Kat Dennings as the sarcastic Mona is a scene stealer, her snarky quips are quick and unapologetic. Emma Stone as the jolly and optimistic Natalie was another pleasant surprise. Of course, Katharine McPhee and Rumer Willis were both dedicated and charming in their roles as well. Also, I sat up in attention every time Tyson Ritter (of All-American Rejects) was on screen.

The House Bunny is admittedly funnier than your average, run of the mill, typical comedy chick flick. Anna Faris is an exceptional female comedienne, and I hope we see more of her soon. There are too few funny women on the big screen nowadays. Another thing that makes the movie so charming is the way everyone seems to be having genuine fun with their characters. I would have loved to see the outtakes in this film. The music was great and the look was good. Although I'm still a little confused why Kat Dennings’ character looked worse after “the make over,” but over all, everyone was as gorgeous as we expected them to be.

I can’t really say anything negative about this movie, because expecting too much out of a movie like this is just plain stupid. You can’t really expect a ground-breaking, life-changing message from a film called House Bunny, can you? The House Bunny does what we all expect it to do, deliver the modern-fashioned entertainment that we all reluctantly love/like/tolerate? Still, I really, really, hope, pray, wish, and f*cking expect sometime soon, that someone in the movie world will figure out a way to empower women with methods that do not involve getting their hair done and having lessons on how to put on make-up and act like a ho.

By the way, the fact that Anna Faris’ character realized how to be true to herself thanks to an allergic reaction to erythromycin automatically gives this film an extra kudos.

Shelley: "My allergic reaction made me feel beautiful."

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