06 January, 2009

The January Trail

A new year comes with a new batch of movie trailers. I really can't help but be optimistic with the turn out of films this year. Now, onto the trailers!

Seems like a Heroes rip-off, but it seems really interesting nonetheless. And, the pretty people are always a plus. I sat through Cellular for Chris Evans, and I sure as hell would sit through this action packed treat for him too.
Opens February 6, 2009.

OMG! It's the Little Big Planet movie! It even has the same old British narrator! Okay, not really, but almost! Another masterpiece from Tim Burton.
Opens September 9, 2009.

Monsters vs. Aliens
Dreamworks Animations finally got tired of green ogres and is back to give us another hilarious and star-studded animated film.
Opens March 27, 2009.

The Unborn
Okay, if a creepy kid I'm babysitting broke a glass against my head and tried to blame it on the "unborn," I'd dunk his head in the toilet and tell his mom that her son has womb envy. Just sayin. Btw, this is one creepy trailer, and if the movie is even half as creepy as its trailer, then it has succeeded in being a good horror film. I can't even watch the trailer twice.
Opens January 9, 2009.

And remember folks, don't judge a movie by its trailer!