20 August, 2009

Do You Wanna Date Her Avatar?

It's the internet princess herself, Felicia Day, in a ridiculously brilliant music video to promote the 3rd season of her hit web series "The Guild." Felicia Day (from Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse... Bring It On Again) isn't a mainstream name, but if you claim to be a member of the worldwide geekdom, then there's no excusable reason why you haven't heard of her by now. However, if you've been busy with work/school, family, exercise, and other activities of daily living (i.e. boring stuff), then now is the time to acquaint yourself with the online wonder of one Ms. Felicia Day.

The Guild is a nerdgasmic type of funny. It's not meant for people who have no idea what MMORPG stands for, nor people who think that potions are those things that make people fall in love. Don't let the audacious geekiness scare you though, if you don't mind a little confusion, then let yourself madly LOL and watch The Guild!

Here's the first episode: