28 August, 2008

"Prom Night" Film Review

Prom Night is a slasher horror film directed by Nelson McCormick and written by J.S. Cardone. The film stars Brittany Snow, Jonathon Schaech, Scott Porter, Dana Davis, Collins Pennie, Jessalyn Gilsig, and Idris Elba.

(Major Spoilers)

The basic story of the whole film?

Guy loves girl
Girl hates guy
Guy kills girl’s family (while girl does nothing and hides under the bed)
Girl escapes and lives happily ever after-NOT
Guy kill girl’s friends
Guy almost kills girl
But girl is saved by police after everyone else has already died

Prom Night is a pretty, straightforward slasher film. In every sense. It’s deliciously predictable, if not boringly so. The title: Prom Night has no bearing on the story whatsoever other than the fact that the whole killing spree happened on prom night. I actually liked the fact that Richard Fenton (Jonathon Scaech) only used a knife. The killing scenes are repetitive, in that Fenton used a knife to stab his victims multiple times, but each scene was no less disturbing and mortifying. However, the protagonists and victims didn’t really muster much sympathy from me.

The good parts of the film:

- Jonathon Schaech’s performance

- Editing. The lighting fluctuations added to Richard Fenton’s creepiness, and it accentuated the parts when he was stabbing his victims.

Ugly parts:

- Lisa’s (Dana Davis) dying scene. I understand that when a murdering psycopath is after you, a person can get quite hysterical. But really, who in the world would frantically run backwards on their way to an exit? Only people begging to be slashed from the back, that's who.

- The overall ‘dont-go-there-scream-dammit-scream-why-you-so-stupid’ feeling you get for Brittany Snow’s character.

Some important advice for the people of the world?

When the fire alarm is going off at the hotel you’re staying in, please DON’T go back up to your room, using the frickin elevator no less, to get a stupid ass shawl. I mean come on. Would anyone really risk burning alive for a frickin shawl? If it was studded with millions worth of diamonds I’d understand, but it wasn’t even that pretty!

Another oh-so important advice? If pretty people being brutally killed by a ruggedly handsome creepy, psycho with a knife is not your cup of frappuccino, then Prom Night ain’t worth it.