28 August, 2008

Vote for Most Memorable TV Moment

The 60th Primtime Emmy awards are letting TV fans vote for their favorite moment on television on the Emmy Awards official website. There are two categories, comedy and drama. Each category has over 15 memorable moments from different tv shows that were chosen by a panel of judges. Don't worry though, I don't think Simon Cowell was one of them.

Although if he was, it would explain why American Idol was chosen as a finalist in the comedy category. It was Kelly Clarkson's winning moment, and it was a great moment for her, but it was hardly laugh out loud funny. Not even Justin Guarini's hair is worthy of being a "memorable comedy moment."

I was a litte disappointed by the choices, but then again to be fair, I'm still kinda young and I guess I'm just not familiar with most of the tv show moments chosen.

I'm voting for Friends in the comedy category by the way.

As for the drama category, I only recognized about 5 shows in there. And as a Joss Whedon follower, of course I'm voting for the Buffy moment. I'll admit, Buffy's jump off the tower wasn't my most favorite moment, for obvious reasons (i.e. my hero just died), but I love almost every bit of that show (I say almost, because I hate every bit of the Spike character). I think all the episodes of Buffy are memorable moments.

But I digress, I'll continue my ode to all things Whedon some other time.

The point is, if you care about any of these shows, then vote.