22 May, 2009

American Idol Ain't A Singing Contest

Kris Allen is nice. He's cute, in a puppy dog look kind of way, he's a pretty good singer, with that acoustic song-writer vibe, and he seems like a really good guy, even if that's the only thing most people can say about him. So it's pretty obvious that Kris Allen is nice, I'll even give him a very nice, but in no way is he even up to par with Adam Lambert's performance standard.

Even Kris Allen was flabbergasted by his own win, basically stating that "Adam deserves (to win)" after Ryan Seacrest announced the results.

For me, it's not a question of why Kris Allen won, but of why Adam Lambert lost. If American Idol was such a mega successful star finder, then why did the brightest star of all 8 seasons lose? No one can blame the judges, because they sure as hell did their fair share of flattery for Lambert.

People can blame all kinds of public issues for why Adam lost, and to be honest, it's all really moot anyhow. Even if he won, I doubt Adam Lambert would get any more attention than the massive outroar over his loss right now.

I guess there's one thing we've all learned for sure about all this: American Idol is shite.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch this season, but I knew that America would vote for Kris. Tween girls wants to fuck him.

Kris is the safe choice. Vanilla. Boring. Just what the girls like.

Ken said...

As much as I didn't like Kris. I have to give kudos to him for putting up the courage to sing against Adam. Even though I believe Adam is a great singer, I just don't seem to get his image at all. Maybe when his debut material will come out, he will outsell Kris.

Kris really seems to be a nice guy and Adam? not sure. but I was clearly disappointed with the result putting this season of American Idol as one of the worst seasons ever second to Taylor Hicks' in 2006? LOL.

Jizzka said...

That's why I liked Adam, he was interesting.

Kris Allen reminds me of spiky-haired Ryan Cabrera.

Ryan Cabrera who?


As for Taylor Hicks, I think America voted for him just to piss Simon Cowell off.

Eric said...

Well, the runners-up usually have better careers than the winners anyway.