05 November, 2008

Gossip Girl Episode Recap S2Ep8: Pret A Poor Jenny

Gossip Girl Episode Recap
Trouble is brewin for the youngest Humphrey. Hm.

(Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. And even more spoilers. You are duly warned.)

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Recap
Pret A Poor Jenny

Welcome back Gossip Girl fans, time for another post filled with GG spoilers and recaps. It seems that Blair is having another of her scintillating dreams, this time it involves Chuck and a limo. And Dorota does not approve. That’s all I’ll say. Walking in the rain seems to be a lovelier option for Blair rather than bestow those elusive three words upon Chuck.

Over at the Humphrey home, Jenny is a bitchy busy little beaver, complete with the edgy new haircut. But despite all her hard work, and battles with Italy, Eleanor doesn’t seem to know how to appreciate her. Nor care to.
(Agnes. Jenny's new friend.)

At school, Dan and Serena are almost becoming friends again, but Blair shoves right in between them, literally, to ask for help regarding the annihilation of Bass-tard we all know she hates to secretly love. As Dan was about to leave, Serena thought that he would be a great help, because he has a man’s perspective. Which, surprisingly, is a somewhat good idea. After the quick bout of annoying prerequisite judgmental-ness that only Dan Humphrey is capable of, he tells Blair to basically play hard to get in Chuck’s face. Which results with Blair trying, and failing, to innocently seduce Chuck repeatedly. Of course Dan is always there to give out more advice.

Meanwhile, Eleanor calls Little J over to semi-apologize for not letting her meet some buyers. Eleanor is having a little trouble keeping her buyers happy with her designs, but Jenny seems to be doing a good job of it without even knowing. Buyers are coming again the next day, and the only perfectly acceptable dress that Eleanor has is not really hers. So, faced with a temperamental fashion mogul boss, young Jenny kindly offers Eleanor her dress. Eleanor rewards Jenny by making her remake the whole dress in her fabric.

Over at Vanessa’s gallery, Serena meets Aaron, and it seems that there is a little “somethin something” brewing between them. Now that Dan and Serena are friends, maybe Serena’s found a new someone? Gotta say, not that impressed with the guy’s “I’m an artist so I don’t have to shower” look.

Jenny finds the fun while hanging out at a bar with Agnes, one of Eleanor’s models. Agnes tries on Jenny’s precious dress and accidentally leaves with it. The next day, a harried Jenny lets Agnes talk her into rebelling against the big bad Eleanor. And after Eleanor fails to give Jenny the recognition that she deserves, Jenny snaps and leaves. Was kinda peeved by Jenny’s arrogance, but everything she said was true.

Eleanor: (complaining over Jenny’s sloppy work) “I should have known better than to give so much responsibility to a child.”
Jenny: “A child. I’m sorry, but this child seems to be the only one that can design anything that the buyers are remotely interested in.”

Meanwhile, Blair and Dan bond over loving someone. And surprisingly, Dan actually makes some good points. Serena and the new guy Aaron bond over art and dating. Why does Serena always fall for weird, stuttery geeks? Blair finally heads off to confess her love to Chuck, however, Dan talks to her and takes back all the good points that he previously said. Psh.

Thanks to Dan, Blair heads off to Chuck with a defensive heart and doesn’t take the risk she was supposed to. Serena finds out about Dan’s intent to let the Blair/Chuck couple self-destruct and understandably gets upset that her new friend hurt her best friend.

Over at Agnes’ place, Jenny is having a little too much fun posing around with sleazy photographer Max. Nate, after finding out about Max through Aaron, comes in to rescue her, but Little J doesn’t want to be rescued.

Meanwhile Dan runs off after Serena to ask for forgiveness, and Serena forgives him by telling him that she’s thinking about dating Aaron. Aaron who she realized was a European camp buddy. Seeing that Aaron is on a motorcycle with another girl, I guess that plan to date came to an abrupt halt.
After a brief talk with Dan, Chuck goes over to Blair to finally talk. Ultimately, they both agree that those elusive three words will always be true even though they were never said. They also agree that waiting heightens the pleasure. Right.

Angry at Nate for ruining her night of free rebellion and shirtless modeling, Jenny screams at him and asks why he cares so much. Nate’s eloquent answer? A kiss. A heated kiss.

Uh oh.

More episode recaps and spoilers coming soon from your non-gossip girl, gossip girl.