29 October, 2008

Gossip Girl Episode Recap S2Ep7: Chuck In Real Life

Gossip Girl Episode Recaps
This was a good episode for Chuck's character, because the audience gets to see the struggle that he goes through thanks to his reputation, father, and his own inner demons.

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(Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. And even more spoilers. You are duly warned.)

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 7 Recap
Chuck In Real Life

Welcome back Gossip Girl fans, here’s another dose of your favorite Upper East side story. It’s a lovely morning for the Van Der Woodsen/Bass manor, Eric got a new watch, Chuck got some money, and Serena got a special suit all thanks to Bart. But it all comes with a price, and a hefty one at that, some new house rules. Needless to say, the kids aren’t taking it very well, least of all Serena. It seems that Bart wants the new family to be presented well at their upcoming housewarming party, but Serena isn’t pleased with the fact that Bart is now calling the shots in their so-called family.

By the way,

Eric: ”Who watches tv on a tv anymore anyway.” - Haha, indeed!

Over at the Humphrey home, Vanessa is busy petitioning some charity for a bar. And it seems that Dan has been busy playing some soccer thanks to his new bff Nate. Vanessa suddenly thought of going to Constance Billiard to find some kind, guiltless, rich people, what she failed to remember is that Blair isn’t one of them. Of course, this spurred temporarily insane Vanessa to threaten Blair with some pictures of her former bf’s scandalous relationship with his stepmom. Bad move. Really bad move.

Serena, thanks to Chuck, realized that she doesn’t like rules nor Bart, and decides to head off to who knows where wearing something that Bart didn’t pick. Uh oh.

Serena: “Oh, I forgot to wear underwear!” - Frickin hilarious!

Meanwhile, Queen B doesn’t like the fact that Vanessa has the upper hand, so she hires Chuck for a very Cruel Intentions-esque mission. Basically she wants Chuck to seduce Vanessa so that he can seduce Blair. Right, this will totally end well.

The next day, besties Blair and Serena are having lunch, and Eric joins them with his friend. His boyfriend. Aw, cute scene.

Back to the Humphrey home, Dan wants to prove that Cedric the Cabbage Patch isn’t his only friend, so he calls Nate to hang out and play soccer. Thinking that they were supposed to meet at Nate’s house, Dan drops by only to see that the house is supposedly abandoned and Nate is living in the living room in a sleeping bag. Poor Nate. Literally. Dan, wanting to help Nate, invites him to dinner and with the help of Jenny tries to get him to stay. But Nate, as usual, got mad that someone was trying to help him and left.

Speeding on to the night of the Van Der Woodsen/Bass housewarming party…

Serena got angry with the fact that Eric’s boyfriend didn’t come to the party after Bart talked to Eric. Angry about the new father figure in her life she tells some interviewers about Lily’s escapades that included leaving her and Eric alone while she gallivants off with numerous boyfriends. After her mini breakdown, Serena heads off to the abandoned Archibald home only to encounter Dan who was also looking for Nate. After some gushy pep talk, Serena realizes that her problem is actually with Lily, and Bart comes to take Serena back home, and Dan heads off to look for Nate. Back home, the interviewers are taken care of thanks to Bart, and the Van Der Woodsen/Bass family, minus Chuck, bond over some cake.

Meanwhile, Blair isn’t happy with how well Chuck seems to be doing his mission, and tells him that he wins. But he really wasn’t doing his mission well, because after meeting all the nice people at the bar, it seems that some humanity has seeped into him and he now really wants to save the bar. However, Bart isn’t happy that his son is buying a bar when they’re supposed to be a clean cut well-oriented family. Even after imploring Bart to reconsider, Chuck still only gets harsh words from his father. Vanessa overhears all of this and realizes that Chuck was really trying to help. But that thought quickly gets crushed by the jealous Blair bear that told Vanessa about the bet that she and Chuck made. Vanessa leaves, Chuck follows, and after the bar owner confronts him with some more harsh words, Chuck goes to Blair to claim his prize. But Blair isn’t willing to give what Chuck really wants from her, which consists of three words.

So in the end, Nate is staying with the Humphreys, Bart isn’t really a bad guy except when it comes to his own son, and Chuck wants Blair to chase him.

Wasn’t really as entertaining as some other episodes, in fact the Humphreys were the main funny factor in this ep, which is okay, I guess.

More episode recaps and spoilers coming soon, from your non-Gossip girl, gossip girl.