07 October, 2008

Gossip Girl Episode Recap S2Ep5: The Serena Also Rises

Gossip Girl Episode Recaps
The Serena Also Rises? What in the world does that mean? Rise to where? And why is it "The" Serena?

(Spoilers. Spoilers. And even more spoilers.)

Gossip Girl Season2 Episode 5 Recap
The Serena Also Rises

Hello Gossip Girl fans, it seems that the Upper East Side socialites are abuzz with Fashion Week fever. Blair Waldorf is ever the helpful daughter, we see her helping her mom, Eleanor Waldorf, arrange the oh-so important seating chart where the hierarchy of social rankings are meticulously planned and calculated. It seems that B and S have always had a tradition wherein they spend their time together hanging out backstage during Eleanor Waldorf’s show. Blair also
ceases the opportunity to impress her pawns by giving them second row seats.

Lily Van Der Woodsen is busy decorating with her art consultant in Casa Van Der Woodsen/Bass, this prompts her to happily admit to Serena that she modeled nude for a famous photographer. This in turn prompts Serena to dub her the coolest mom on the Upper East Side. And with all the Upper East Side moms we’ve seen in Gossip Girl Land so far? Tasteful nude photograph or not, I’m inclined to agree. Moms who are in love with rockstars, accept their gay children, and accept their past drug addict/alcoholic children, are way, way, waaaaay cooler than moms who love money and social status more than their family (Nate’s mom), moms who are in love with themselves (Blair’s mom), moms who are in love with their own art (Humphrey siblings’ mom), and moms who sleep with their stepsons (Marcus’ stepmom). So yes Lily Van Der Woodsen, despite the fact that you have to wipe diner chairs before you sit on them, you are cool.

At school, Blair bestows the second row tickets to her pawns, but Serena’s tabloid photograph with popular socialite Poppy (Papi?) is apparently cooler. Pissed off by being out-cooled by Serena, and even more pissed off by Chuck’s constant gloating, Blair bestows upon Chuck the real reason why she’s called Queen B. A verbal lashing filled with truths leaves Chuck speechless.
Dan is trying to apply to Yale (or Dartmouth, not sure), but the stories he’s sending are disappointing. Shocked that an intellectual doesn’t like him, he is advised to find some adventure and danger in his mundane life. I’ve gotta say, even Dan’s adventures to try and make his life more interesting are absolutely boring.

Meanwhile, Eleanor and Laurel are arguing over the seating chart that Blair arranged, the guest list for Eleanor’s show lacks some oomph, and little J, who is been dumping school for the life of a struggling intern, happily suggests that they invite Serena and her socialite friend Papi (Poppy?) to the front row. Because we all know that the press loves spoiled socialites better than talented actresses who have an unpopular stint in rehab.

Shockingly, or not so shockingly actually, Dan goes over to Casa Van Der Woodsen/Bass to look for Chuck. He wants Chuck to show him adventure and danger. Gee Dan, that was the smartest thing you’ve done, like ever! Not.

Over at the Waldorf house, Blair is busy with some emotional therapy from Dorota. She sees her precious seating chart rearranged with Serena, Pappy (Popi?), and some other socialites assigned for the front row. Pissed off, as is the theme for Blair in this episode, she learns that it was Little J’s fault for making such a great plan for her mom’s fashion show. Deciding to return the benevolent favor, she goes to Rufus Humphrey and tells him, with the help of some chicken soup, that his precious daughter Jenny was such a great intern. So great that she’s been missing all her classes.

On to the Dan and Chuck adventures, we see Lonely boy being corrupted with the three incarnations of the devil. Alcohol, drugs, and Chuck.

During dinner with her mom Lily and Popi (Pappy?), we learn that Serena is actually hesitant of sitting front row in Eleanor’s show because she doesn’t want to leave Blair and their tradition unattended. Meanwhile Lily, learns from her art consultant that her precious photograph was already bought. Lily orders her to search for the anonymous buyer and offer them a price they can’t refuse.

Dan, having immense fun, rambles on with the unimpressed Chuck in a limo. Dan unwittingly takes of his shoes at Chuck’s suggestion while Chuck palms his wallet. Having had enough of Humphrey, Chuck tosses Dan out on an unknown street, shoeless and penniless.

Uh Huh.


Sorry Dan, no sympathy from me.

Rufus, angry with Jenny, sends her off to school on a Saturday (OMG!) to beg the headmaster for another chance.

Over to the Waldorf house, our favorite besties spend some time doing what they do best. Fighting. Blair, insecure and threatened by Serena, tries to keep her on a tight leash, but Serena is having none of it.

Apparently, wandering around the dangerous part of New York penniless and shoeless is still not dangerous enough for Dan’s mentor. He asks Dan to find Charlie Trout’s (his character based on Chuck) darkest secrets.
It’s Eleanor’s fashion show, and Serena sees that her front row seat has been demoted to the somewhere it should not be named, all thanks to Blair. What? Are socialites so nearsighted that they can’t see a tall platform from ten feet away? Wow. And I thought I had problems with my eyesight. Eleanor diffuses the confrontation between the besties and sends her daughter backstage and gave Serena her front row seat.

Alone in a bar, Chuck calls his dad to invite him for some quality Bass time. But Bart is too busy working, hiring private investigators to report on every little detail about his wife, and buying his wife’s nude photograph so that no one else will see it, you know, important stuff. Dan overhears everything and tries to open some conversation so that he can impart some Humphrey knowledge. Chuck doesn’t appreciate his efforts and looks for a prostitute instead. Unfortunately for him, and the woman, the lady he approached isn’t a prostitute, and her boyfriend (who looks more offended than she is) tries to confront him. Dan, trying to be macho, punches the guy. Our favorite smarmy guy and least favorite Gossip Girl guy (apart from Marcus), land in jail. Don’t worry though, they had some quality time to bond. Chuck tells Dan about his mom and dad (or did he?). Released thanks to his dad’s lawyer, Chuck promises poor Humphrey that he’ll help him get out. Of course, that was before he saw Dan’s notes about his quest to find out about Charlie Trout’s deepest, darkest, secrets.

Dan is ultimately saved from jail by his mentor. Dan repays him by using his ever reliable righteousness as a shield for everything that’s not right in his world, and calling him an egomaniacal, washed up writer who manipulates his protégé. Which may be true, but still uncalled for.

On to the fashion show, we see Blair trying to sabotage the show by sending all the models home. This prompts Little J to come up with the idea of making the socialites model the clothes instead, which includes Serena.

Lily welcomes Bart home and immediately asks about the photograph he bought. But Bart tells her for the thousandth time that he’s a powerful man (yeah, yeah), and that he has to protect his family. Lily finds out that Bart has a dossier file about her and she asks to see it. Angry, she implores Bart to understand that she doesn’t want to hide anything from her children, but Bart reveals a file and asks her if she wants her children to see that. What the file contains? I guess we’ll find out next week. I hope.

Meanwhile, Eleanor’s fashion show is going great, despite Blair’s efforts. Poppy (Papi?) and Serena talk a little about best friends who get in their best friend’s way, and Serena decides that she wants to shine. Blair gives Serena the finale dress, which was actually Jenny’s dress. Jenny sees Serena working the catwalk with her handmade dress, and defeated, she confesses to a similarly defeated Blair that she’s always admired how Blair worked hard for everything she achieved, unlike people like Serena who simply glides through. Predictably, the crowd goes wild for the dress, and Eleanor has no choice but to take credit for it.

In the end, Little J saves the day and everyone, including Blair, commends her for it. Rufus however, is still furious and forbids Jenny from anymore interning. But Little J has already promised the headmaster that she’s not coming back to school.

Our favorite besties share another moment, this time Blair is sincerely apologizing, but Serena is tired of Blair’s insecurities and leaves with their friendship in doubt. Uh Oh.

Well, this was a fairly interesting episode. The audience sees the greatest flaw that Blair has, her insecurity. It crippled her and turned her into a grade-A beyatch. During the scene where she apologizes to Serena, we see a glimpse that she herself may know about her own debilitation, but its obvious she has no control over it. Serena however, possibly has no idea of the extent of the effects she has on other people, including Blair. She is arrogant, but she may not even realize it. Dan’s character development still remains to be seen. He learned about Chuck’s problems with his parents, but we still don’t know how this affects him as a person. Though I am pretty relieved to learn that Dan’s judgmental and righteous characteristics were meant for a bigger purpose.

Overall, best episode of the season so far. Except, where is Nate? And Vanessa?

More episode recaps and spoilers galore next week from your non-Gossip Girl gossip girl.