28 October, 2008

Gossip Girl Episode Recap S2Ep6: New Haven Can Wait

Gossip Girl Episode Recaps
This was actually a pretty entertaining episode, especially thanks to Leighton Meeston's performance as Blair.

(Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. And even more spoilers. You are duly warned.)

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 6 Recap
New Haven Can Wait

Welcome back Gossip Girl fans, in this episode we see our favorite pairs of besties break up and make up. Guess which pair does which?

The young Upper East side socialites are preparing to visit the prestigious college of their choice. Meanwhile, it seems that our Queen B is having another one of her Audrey Hepburn style nightmares, this time in the throes of My Fair Lady. Can I just say? Leighton Meester’s facial expressions are hilarious! That cry is particularly chuckle worthy. Blair wakes up from the land of nod only to hear that even faithful Dorota is a Serena fan.

Over onto Serena, she is still the tabloids newest sweetheart and her mother Lily is proud to be called an unidentified friend.

At the Humphrey house, Dan is babbling, and Rufus is patronizing, nothing new there. Chuck and Nate are predictably less concerned with their college choice, and Chuck is simply in it for the secret societies.

During the college visits, Serena tries to start some friendly small talk, but Blair is still bitter about the charm of Queen S and bites back condescendingly. More than tired of the b-ness of Queen B, Serena decides to rain on Blair’s Yale parade.

Back at the Humphrey Home, Jenny and Vanessa try to convince Rufus of letting Little J go back to work for Eleanor. Although still unimpressed, Rufus agrees to let Little J give him a tour of her work space.

Meanwhile, Lonely Boy is having some trouble impressing the Yale admission. Lonely Boy is missing one letter of recommendation and he needs to find someone worth being recommended by. Yup. That’s pretty much the Dan’s main adventure for this episode. You know what makes his screen time even remotely interesting? The fact that Nate pretended to be Dan to get some random college girl, Jordan.

Thanks to The Captain, Nate’s plundering dad, the Archibalds have become a topic of interest for most Yale students. Nate can’t escape his family name’s infamy, so he pretends to be someone who wouldn’t ever matter, Dan.

Chuck however, is intent on finding the prestigious school’s secret societies. And he’s doing so by letting them find him. Which actually worked quite well. The frat boys are duly impressed by the one and only Chuck Bass, but they still want him to prove himself. So Chuck takes them to a world class brothel.

Meanwhile, Blair is surprised, to say the least, to see Serena come out of the dean’s office with all smiles, charm, and laughter. Peeved that the “unworthy” Serena is such buddies with the dean, during her own interview Blair tries to win him over by telling him about all of…uhm…the good qualities she doesn’t have? In this scene we clearly see Serena’s effect on Blair’s insecurities.

After the disastrous interview and the inappropriate kisses to the cheek, Blair finds Serena happily taking in the wonders of Yale. But Blair is unhappy with how she’s losing their little “game,” especially when Serena got an invite to a prestigious dinner with Yale’s finest, and she didn’t. Still, the besties bicker until threats are made, and war is started.

Back to Little J and Rufus, the tour is going well, and Rufus clearly sees how talented his daughter is. But it seems that that isn’t enough, and Rufus asks Eleanor to fire Jenny. However, Eleanor is unwilling to fire a perfectly capable employee, and asks Rufus to think of how he would feel if this kind of opportunity was given to him when he was younger.

A quick and humorous encounter with Chuck and Serena tells us that during the Yale dinner, the dean asks a certain question to the applicants. Chuck knows Blair’s perfect answer, and now Serena does too.

Nate is getting along with Jordan, but someone comes in to ruin everything. Guess who? Jordan was the recommendation that Dan was looking for, but Jordan didn’t know that Dan was Dan, and that Nate wasn’t Dan but actually Nate. Archibald. In the end, heavy books were thrown and Dan is still as judgmental as he ever was.

Meanwhile, Blair finally got her own invite to the dean’s famous dinner, through bribing and cats. I kid you not.

Over at the party, the applicants are asked to write their answers to the dean’s question, and it’s just Serena’s luck that the dean picks the answers in alphabetical order. She uses Blair’s perfect answer, but she should have guarded that piece of paper with her life, because of course Blair has something up her sleeve.

Hanging around with the secret society, Chuck learns that it’s actually Nate Archibald that they want. It seems that The Captain has left a lot of angry people with lighter wallets around. Chuck, being a twistedly good bestie, gives them Dan’s location instead. So Dan gets jumped by the Secret Society and is tied to a pillar, in his boxers. Nate overhears the secret society guys in a bar, attacks them, saves Dan, and gets mad at Chuck for saving him. Again. Oh, and Dan got his recommendation from Jordan after all. In the end, besties Nate and Chuck broke up. Aw.

Back at the party, the dean asks his question: “The person you would like to have dinner with, real or imagined, dead or alive, is?”

And Serena’s paper says: Pete Fairman
(Courtesy of Blair of course)

For those of you who forgot (which included me), Pete Fairman is the guy that Serena didn’t kill. After being humiliated in front of a whole room of Yale’s finest, Serena drags Blair outside for a confrontation. Lines are crossed, words are exchanged, and then bag throwing, hair pulling, and shoe kicking ensues. It’s sad to say, but a headband died. In the end, besties Serena and Blair broke up. Aw.

Cut over to the Van Der Woodsen manor, Lily was trying on Serena’s dress from Eleanor as Jenny arrives for one last errand with Rufus trailing along. Seeing Lily in the dress that Jenny made, Rufus sees the benefits of her job and eventually allows Jenny to keep her job. Oh wait, Rufus allowed Jenny to keep her job because Lily talked some sense into him. Right. That’s totally it.

At the very start of the recap I said that our favorite besties broke up and made up, but only one pair really made up again.

Well, good news Serena and Blair fans. The Queen besties are truly besties again. After the madness of the dinner party, Serena sees Blair exiting the dean’s building. Blair asks if Serena was there to rat her out. But Serena replies that she was there to convince the dean of how much Blair deserves to enter Yale. Blair says that that was exactly what she just did. Aw.

After some cheesy words, and a few more cheesy scenes, the besties walk off together.

More spoilers and episode recaps next week from your non-Gossip Girl, gossip girl.

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