17 November, 2009

Goodbye To Another Joss Whedon Show

The moral compass points wrong, it's hard to figure out who to root for, and your emotions are twisted inside and out before the end of each show. Those could be some of the reasons why people don't watch the show. Some people have also said that the plot holes are too blatant and sloppy to ignore.

It's sloppy, I agree. I have to, because even I'm not that much of a blind fanatic.

But these are the reasons why I loved the show. Not the sloppy part, but the hard-to-figure-moral-compass-inside-and-out-emotions part. Dollhouse was compelling because it didn't spoon feed me bullshit about how this is wrong, this is right, and this is what you must learn. It challenged me, provoked me, pissed me off, broke my heart, made me fall in love with each character despite how much I hated their ignoble guts at the same time.

It played with my insides.

And lo and behold, FOX just had to cancel it just when we were getting to the thick of it.

Fortunately, even they aren't stupid enough to cut us off high and dry, the rest of the second season will finish off during December. That's something at least, never enough of course, but something. I keep hoping that people will come to their senses, start watching, and eventually the show will be miraculously renewed for a third season. That would be a hell of a Christmas gift, to all Dollhouse fans.

Here's to hoping.