19 June, 2009

Say Hey To T-Swizzle!

Justin Timberlake brought on his Single Ladies moves on SNL, then Joe Jonas stepped up and donned his own leotard to give us another version of Beyonce's famous song.

Now, Taylor Swift is following Natalie Portman's footsteps, and is giving us a glimpse of A Thug Story.

Watch "T-Swizzle" break it down with T-Pain.

And here is Natalie Portman's infamous rap on SNL.

So? Who do you think is the better gangsta?


Ken said...

God. I love Taylor Swift for that!

and I loathe Joe Jonas for his rendition of that awful SNL spoof. He should die now. Honestly.

Dani said...

I'm on a boat! Haha! She raps like a kid.