01 June, 2009

Bruno's Intimate Moment With Eminem

Hilarious. And Sacha Baron Cohen gets kudos from me for being brave enough to do that to Eminem, I mean, did you see those hulking bodyguards? Of course, people are all over this spectacle, they're dissing Eminem for not being able to take jokes when he just loves making them. I think that Eminem reacted how we was supposed to react. Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Bruno, could have played that joke on Ben Stiller, Zac Efron, or Justin Timberlake, and they all would have had different reactions, probably better ones than Eminem's utterly pissed off walkout, but he chose Eminem because he obviously knew that everybody would get a kick out of it.

Did Bruno go too far? I don't think so. This was typical scandalous Sacha Baron Cohen humor, either you're utterly disgusted by it, or you find it totally hilarious, mostly because he's not playing those jokes on you.

Was Eminem's walkout totally sissy? Well, what would you have done if some guy wearing a bird suit shoved his hairy crotch at your face?

Actually, I wouldn't have walked out.

I would have kicked him where it hurt the most.

But that's just me.

Speaking of the MTV Movie Awards, Twilight took most of everything, while Slumdog Millionaire (unsurprisingly for the MTV Awards) took nothing. Ben Stiller took the MTV Generation Award, which is well deserved because he is tres cool. Amy Poehler winning the Best WTF Moment for peeing in a sink in Baby Mama was awesome.

Although, Miley Cyrus' song "The Climb" winning Best Song would have been my choice for WTF.


tricia said...

e kaya naman pala nagwalkout c eminem e. kung ako un. ipapabugbog ko na un sa mga bouncer ko. ahahaha. miss you jessi!

Jizzka said...

Miss ya too darlin.

Vanessa said...

I actually thought this was hilarious! Eminem takes life way too seriously anyway...he must know Sasha and his jokes so it was a bit too much to walk out like that.

Jizzka said...

It WAS hilarious, I can't wait to watch Bruno's movie.