19 February, 2009

Lara Croft

Growing up, there weren't too many female superheroes that us girls could count on. Aside from the scarce remnants of Wonder Woman, who was from another (older) era, we didn't really have too many heroines.

Until of course, came the lady who could make Indiana Jones drool, Lara Croft.

She was tough, cool, and British.

She became my hero, even if I never really completed any of her numerous games. Imagine my delight when in 2001, a Tomb Raider movie was announced. When I found out that Lara Croft was going to be played by Angelina Jolie, I was apathetic, I didn't really care who was going to be Lara Croft, as long as a female adventurer got up the big screen and kicked ass.

I loved the movie.

And despite the mass consensus, I loved the second one, Cradle of Life, too.

Now, they've just announce that a third Tomb Raider film is in the pre-works. However, it seems that many are voting for a story reboot. A reboot is nice, and admittedly welcomed, but I just really hope that they find an actress worthy of succeeding the mantle. Angelina Jolie owned the Lara Croft character, and someone similar to her should succeed the character.

Someone with sizable acting chops, awesome action abilities, and of course, the requisite sex appeal. Someone more than Megan Fox. Not to be judgmental, but Megan Fox has proved that she cannot insert emotion during action scenes, as evidenced in the mindless mega blockbuster hit Transformers.

This picture says it all.
Shia Labeouf - Emoting. Confused. Scared. Constipated.
Megan Fox - Squint eyes. Pout. Show cleavage. Look pretty.

Lara Croft may be created for the male audience and gamers, but I will always be grateful to my first hero. After all, other than cutesy characters made from sugar, spice, and everything stupid (yes, I'm referring to you Powerpuff Girls), there still aren't too many popular female heroes.

You could do worse than idolizing a hard-as-nails-genius-ass-kicker-British-unemotional-sexpot.

That new Tomb Raider movie better be good.


Vanessa said...

I am absolutely with you! I love the Tomb Raider films and Angelina Jolie kicks ass as Lara Croft. I don't think I am gonna watch the third one though, if someone else is playing Lara...
I also like Charlies Angels (one and two...). Drew Barrymore being my favourite Angel.

Jizzka said...

Barrymore is my favorite angel too! I pretty much like any movie that has a badass heroine.