14 February, 2009

I want the Dollhouse

For those people who are fortunate enough to be able to watch the Dollhouse tv show every Friday at 9:00pm on FOX, you better effin' watch and support it!

It's not enough to discuss the brilliance and awesomeness of Dollhouse in the net, in person, in your own head.

You have to actually watch Dollhouse, on the actual time, on the actual television.
Otherwise, stupid suits (i.e. FOX), might cancel the brilliance and awesomeness of your favorite tv show, because of the fact that no one supposedly watches it according to those ratings.

Watch the Dollhouse!


Fridays, 9pm, FOX


muchie said...

I cant wait =)) Weee. I think the show is nice.

Ken said...

Finally the comment section are fixed. Anyways, I think dollhouse is pretty interesting. I can't wait to watch it. Let's wait for the HD

Jizzka said...

you can watch it here


but if you don't want to stream, you'll just have to wait for the dvd, haha.