18 November, 2008

Gossip Girl Episode Recap S2Ep9: There Might Be Blood

Gossip Girl Episode Recap
I kind of find Serena boring when she's not fighting either Blair or her mom. And, she needs to find some better boyfriends.

(Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers. And even more spoilers. You are duly warned.)

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 9 Recap
There Might Be Blood

After proving herself to be a capable delinquent, Little J, with the help of insane but fun model Agnes, is busy making her big fashion debut by how else? Planning to crash a high class party of course.

Meanwhile, our favorite besties are busy trying to get Blair back into the good graces of the Yale dean by befriending the dean’s best friend’s daughter, Emma. Only problem is, Emma doesn’t want to stay cooped up in their luxury condo watching movies with talking animals, instead, she wants to go out with the “De-virginator.”

They actually used that name on television. I kid you not.

By the way, Leighton Meester’s hilarious performance in this whole episode is awe, and then some.

While Blair is busy trying to reign in the desperately precocious Emma, Serena is busy trying to figure out what’s up with Aaron and his many “friends” of the girl kind.

Over onto the Humphrey house, Dan unexpectedly comes home and sees Jenny, Agnes, and their whole big plan. Dan finds out that Jenny quit Eleanor’s, and is not amused after all the pestering she did in order to work for her in the first place.

Speaking of not amused, Blair is desperate to stop Emma from being de-virginized, so she sends Emma to Chuck Bass in the hopes of intimidating Emma. However, the plan backfires, Emma escapes, and Blair, Serena, and Chuck have to go out to look for her in a crowded hot spot. Once there, they unexpectedly find Emma’s mom, Elizabeth aka the old lady who’s clearly not very fond of Blair, having a heated little session with someone who is not her husband. After a few cellphone photos, Blair is happy and relieved that she finally has some insurance for her application to Yale. But Serena, being the upstanding moral character that she is, forbids Blair from ruining Emma’s dysfunctional family. Blair hilariously reluctantly agrees and sets off to find Emma with Chuck.

Serena heads off to her mom’s big party and finds chaos. Undeniably fashionable chaos. Jenny crashes a huge party not knowing that the party was actually all for Lily Van der Woodsen. With a few words, and a lot more kisses from Nate, Jenny finds the courage to go through with her big plan.

Agnes and a handful of models all rebelliously stomp across the large ball and jump up on tables, throw Polaroids, and wreak stylish havoc amongst the elite and prestigious.

Agnes is also awesome in an insane kinda way.

However, Dan, Rufus, and Vanessa eventually rain in on Jenny’s fashion parade, and Dan confronts Nate for kissing his way too young sister. How did Dan find out about the kissing? Gossip Girl of course! Vanessa overhears Dan and Jenny’s confrontation, becomes upset and leaves. I actually kinda forgot about the Nate/Vanessa pair up until Vanessa left.

I was all, whoah, what’s her problem? Then, Oh right, she and Nate had a “thing.”

Geez, Gossip Girl land, make up your mind!

Jenny storms out to run after Vanessa but gets confronted by her dad. Even though people loved what Jenny did, Rufus so did not. And he almost gets his own daughter arrested if it weren’t for Lily.

Back to Blair and Chuck, they finally find Emma and stop her from being devirginized. Blair takes her home and gives her a good ole talking to where they bond about being unappreciated by their self-absorbed mothers. Blair also admits to Emma that the she actually loved the guy who devirginized her (last time I use that word, I promise!).

Elizabeth isn’t happy that her daughter came home so late and promptly blames Blair. Queen B was just about to propose a mutual understanding (i.e. blackmail) when Emma unexpectedly steps in to defend Blair. After seeing Emma promptly and harshly dismissed by her mother, Blair decides to have a conscience and doesn’t follow through with the blackmail.

The next day, the dean calls Blair at Serena’s home and tells her that the one person Emma would want to have dinner with is Blair Waldorf. And that Yale could use a girl like her. Needless to say, Queen B was ecstatic.

Oh, and Aaron comes over and asks Serena to give him a chance because of fate, and camping, and 9 year old licorice, etc. Wasn’t really interested in any part that he’s in. And, this Aaron guy really needs a hygienist, I mean, he kept a 9 year old piece of candy, and he looks like he doesn’t shower, ever.

More episode recaps and spoilers coming soon from your non-Gossip Girl, gossip girl.